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Modex Digital is an aspiring startup that renders services primarily on ecelctic domains such as Website/Application Development, Digital Consultancy/Marketing and AR/VR. We are a team of youngsters with complementary skill- sets catering to the growth and subsequent expansion of your business online. Our portfolio spans across numerous sectors ranging from construction, business, NGO's, to CRM, and ERP for the said sectors.

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Data Analysis

We collect, report, and analyse data to identify measures based on your organizational and user goals for strategising the improvement of business decisons and user's experience.

App development

We build interactive and user- friendly apps for business and other sectors that can be run on various mobile devices.

Web Development

We create, build and maintain both full stack and static websites exclusively to meet your customised business needs/requiremnets.

Digital Marketing

We provide a one stop solution for all forms of digital marketing to expand, budgetise and evaluate your customer reach online.

Augumented Reality/Virtual Reality

We incorporate immersive Augmented Reality(AR)/Virtual Reality(VR) for user engagement, increase in sessions, and boost of sales.

Interior Design

We translate the client's ideas and the professional holistic vision in a renovated space combining aesthetics, comfort and practicality.

Transform your enterprise with our innovative Websites Mobile Applications Data Analysis and Digital presence

Having a website is a prerequisite in setting up a company online. Although utilizing a wesite for the same is one way of establishing an online presence, it is far from being the only one. In this session, we'll discuss the value of setting up a website for your company and then go on to look at four more channels via which you may establish an online presence: local listings on Google and review sites; social media; mobile applications; and YouTube.

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Web Development


Digital Marketing


App Development


Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality


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